Boarding and Day

Moreton Hall is predicated as a boarding school although the school welcomes approximately 100 day pupils, many of whom board regularly. Boarding can start in Moreton First in year three for boys and girls. We have a dedicated Moreton First boarding house, read more here. At the age of 11 boys move on to other senior schools. At the age of 11 for girls only, about 60% of pupils are full boarders and this rises to 80% at 13 years of age and over 90% in Moreton Sixth. 

As pupils mature and develop, so they move up through the various Houses of the school. Day pupils have a study space in house so they feel as much a part of house life as the boarders; many of them choose to stay one or more nights per week.

Boarding has come a long way in British schools in the past generation. Far from parents and children being separated for weeks on end, today’s more flexible approach to boarding life aims to offer the best of both worlds to meet the needs of different families. Teenagers develop in a safe and caring environment with supportive friendship groups, house parents and tutors. Although the boarding houses are horizontal rather than vertical, relationships between the younger and older pupils, including siblings, are preserved through the four Divisions; competitions and meetings throughout the year ensure that the across the year groups links are nurtured throughout each pupil’s school life.

Within the boarding houses, a clear set of rules and guidelines relating to study and behaviour sets the parameters for house life. It is often easier for an adolescent to accept and benefit from such guidelines in a school environment than at home!

A wide range of activities, in the evenings and at weekends, enrich, stimulate and develop a range of skills and leadership qualities; pupils are encouraged to run or help run activities.

We aim to make house life as homely as possible, encouraging pupils to personalise their rooms and bring their favourite things from home with them.

Boarders are able to go home at weekends after Saturday classes, although they find that the range of activities, trips and social events going on at weekends proves to be a strong incentive to remain in school. A number of well-publicised Target Weekends every term ensure that every pupil is able to make the most of everything that Moreton has to offer.

Parents join in school life by visiting their children, attending sporting fixtures, concerts, lectures and exhibitions.

All pupils have access to email and to a house landline. The use of mobile phones and or laptops, or Skype is encouraged – at the right time and for the right purposes - so that families can keep in contact.

Pupils’ and parents’ opinions on boarding facilities and pastoral care are sought through electronic, biennial questionnaires.

As well as house parents and tutors, pupils, who have any particular problems or concerns, can seek the help and advice of any member of staff or Sixth form mentor. Alternatively, the school retains the services of a listening adult, whose contact details are published in boarding houses and within the Complaints Procedure for pupils. The Health Centre also retains the services of two trained counsellors, who visit the school as and when required.

Provision is made for pupils with special educational needs or disabilities, particular religious, dietary, language or cultural needs. The Housemistress is the key point of contact and will communicate with parents and child (and staff as required) and make the necessary arrangements.