11+ and 13+ Scholarships

At 11+ and 13+, scholarships are awarded based upon performance in the Entrance Examination;

At 11+, candidates sit papers in Mathematics and English.

At 13+ papers in English, Mathematics, Science, French, Latin and General Studies are normally taken.

Candidates joining pre-GCSE, sit the Durham University CEM Online Assessments.

In addition to sitting the academic entrance/scholarship exam, candidates wishing to apply for Art, Music, Drama or Sport scholarships will be interviewed or tested in their chosen field. They will be asked to show evidence of their ability by portfolio (Art) and audition/interview (Music/Sport/Drama). 

Sport, music, art and drama scholarships will be held on a separate date in January. Candidates are requested to contact the Admissions Secretary, Ruth Brown, for further details: brownr@moretonhall.com

Important Dates

  • 11+ and 12+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations - Thursday 18th and Friday 19th January 2018 
  • 13+ Scholarship and Entrance Examinations - Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January 2018