I made the journey from Worcestershire to Moreton Hall School to see the staged show 'Annie'. Never having been to the school to see a production I was amazed at the number of middle school pupils involved. I must begin by congratulating the Director and Choreographer, Kate Howells, for organising and involving such a huge cast.

It soon became obvious that a great deal of hard work and rehearsal time had been undertaken by staff and pupils alike.

The whole cast were highly motivated, engaged, singing and dancing with great enthusiasm and delightful facial expressions. The perfected American accents and the well-judged costumes of the orphans to those of Mr Warbucks household transported us to the 1930’s Great Depression.

All the characters were well selected, outstanding and brilliant performers. I would particularly like to mention the orphan Annie played by Megan, the multi-millionaire Oliver Warbucks played by Abigail, Jemima played Grace Farrell, Mr Warbucks assistant with such perfection and Jasmin as Miss Hannigan, portrayed the colourful character with gusto. There were so many other wonderful performances, but sadly too many to mention individually. However, the combined effect was first rate.

I was impressed by the live music and sound quality and congratulate the Musical Director Mrs Catrina Lapage on piano and the rest of the band; Mrs Amy Lott on drums and bass guitar Mrs Ellie Diack. It certainly enhanced the production. The songs were familiar to many and it was tempting to hum or sing along! The solos and group vocals were magnificent, my favourite being Tomorrow.

The whole performance was professional and seamless, keeping the audience appreciative and enthralled. I congratulate Moreton Hall staff and pupils on an evening of great entertainment. Who needs to travel to the West End of London to see such a talented show? Was my journey worth it? It most certainly was.

A very proud grandmother - Elaine Pickersgill