Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

Scott Adams

The school aims to inspire and motivate all pupils to develop their creativity, enquiry and critical thinking. We believe that the development of visual literacy is significantly important in today’s society. 

The Design Centre is an energetic and welcoming, creative environment in which students develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of the world around them.  Drawing from observation is encouraged throughout all stages of development.

This progressive department promotes individual responses in a variety of media and on any scale.

We offer A Level Fine Art, Textile Design and Photography, and GCSE Fine Art. All our students are encouraged to work across the disciplines and in mixed media as well as a traditional approach to observational painting and drawing. 

The Design Centre is open seven days a week with extended classes in life-drawing, photography, ceramics, printing and 3D.

Four experienced teachers (with specialisms including Illustration, Printmaking, Textile Design, 3D and History of Art) offer a wealth of practical knowledge, inspire confidence and encourage ambitious responses whilst broadening individual skills.

Many students continue further study at Art College and University.

Moreton Hall is a safe place to face challenges and take risks.