Boarding FAQs

What Are The Advantages Of Boarding?

Moreton is predicated as a boarding school. As such, because of the structure of our day, we have the opportunity to use many more hours of the day to cover lessons, sports and activities than a non-boarding school does. Time that other students may use travelling to and from school, to and from clubs and non-school activities are incorporated into our school day. As Moreton is still a relatively small school, the houses have a family atmosphere and outstanding pastoral support. The pupils are in a happy, busy, nurturing environment with their friends and with caring adults 24 hours a day.

Do We Have To Commit To Boarding Or Day As Soon As Our Child Joins The School?

Many children are not sure at first whether they want to board or be day pupils. We are happy for you to try both out and (bed space permitting) change your mind as time goes by.

Do You Offer Flexi Boarding/ Weekly Boarding?

For those who are not full time boarders, we offer the option to sleep over as and when it suits you, space permitting. A charge applies for this unless pupils are specifically asked to stay for a school commitment. We do not offer a separate ‘week only’ rate as pupils from age 11 are expected to be at school on a Saturday morning for lessons.

How Often Can My Child Come Home?

Apart from the holidays, we have two fixed exeats in the autumn term and one in the summer term. Pupils almost always go home or go to a guardian on these weekends but it is possible for students to remain in school. Then we have ‘Target’ weekends when we ask that pupils do not go out unless parents request otherwise. Apart from that, we are happy for pupils to go home on a Saturday night if they wish to, after they have fulfilled any school commitments they may have, but we find that there is so much going on at the school at the weekends that many pupils choose to remain in school.