Mrs Lang meets Celebrated Short Story Writer

Mrs Lang meets Celebrated Short Story Writer


Three Lower Sixth students accompanied Mrs Lang to a Booka event in Oswestry where she interviewed the famous Welsh writer, Cynan Jones on his new book, 'The Stillicide'. After being recommended and reading the author’s previous book 'Cove', the students felt a deep interest in his work, due to its difference in style. 

Unlike most authors, Cynan Jones writes in a more logical manner cutting down words and information he finds “unnecessary” as well as poetically structuring his sentences creating the sense that all words are in a specific place. Jones said that he believes in “trusting the readers” allowing him to do or say things that will “draw the reader’s eye” without having to “build narratives”. This idea can be largely seen in the structure of his book 'Cove’ which includes large spaces between paragraphs as well as one sentence paragraphs giving the readers breathing and thinking space. 

Writing his new book,'Stillicide', to be read out by actors on BBC Radio 4, Jones knew that the spacing between the paragraphs would make no difference, unlike his previous books. This made him realise he had to use other poetic techniques like alliteration, sibilance and onomatopoeia to emphasise the effect of the stories read out and make the words more attractive to the audience’s ears; to portray the story of love and loss and the will to survive in a more auditory way.

This dystopian story of a future Britain fighting for water gave a “powerful glimpse of the tangible future”  and made the Lower Sixth and the rest of the audience think of what may come.

- Sofya (L6)