Chinese New Year at Moreton Hall

Chinese New Year at Moreton Hall

As China begins its colourful celebration to celebrate their nation’s most important festival, the children of Moreton First and Moreton Hall took part in a celebration day to mark Chinese New Year.

All pupils aged 3 to 14 years, vibrantly dressed in red, the colour to scare away the evil dragon, enjoyed workshops to extend their understanding of Chinese culture.

The highlight of the day was learning Dragon Dancing routines and performing for their friends.

The pupils were particularly engaged as all of them have weekly lessons in Mandarin and have developed an excellent understanding of Chinese traditions.

"Our children learn Mandarin from the age of 3 at Moreton First, and can carry the subject on through to A Level," explains Chinese teacher, Raymond Rhodes. "A workshop like this helps to bring so much of the Chinese culture to life for the children, which is a vital part of their learning."

"Chinese is undoubtedly a critical language and culture for today's students to be learning about - as highlighted by David Cameron on his recent trip to China," adds Head of Moreton First, Catherine Ford. "We still ensure the children learn Latin and French, but to hear them chatter in Mandarin at such a young age is very rewarding."

Gaia Vyas-Adams, Year 3, writes of the Chinese Dragon Dancing Day:

"First, we had to get into pairs and put our hands together, as if we were praying. We moved our hands up, out and back to the three beats and then stood and faced our partners and learnt what to do with our feet. All the girls had fans and swooshed them up and down a few times and the boys wore dragon heads. In the end we had actually learnt a big dance which we all did together.

I really enjoyed the Dragon Dancing. It was lots of fun. The music had a fast beat and was really bouncy!"