Classics Lecture with Dr Peter Jones

Classics Lecture with Dr Peter Jones

On Friday evening a group of Latin, Ancient Greek and Classical Civilisation students enjoyed an enlightening lecture with esteemed classicist Dr Peter Jones. Renowned for the ‘Classics for All’ movement and his fortnightly column ‘Ancient and Modern’ in The Spectator, he made the arduous journey to Moreton from the windswept North!

His comments on 'Epic Women' were fascinating and furthered our understanding of the place of women in Homer and Virgil, with the idea of the necessity of leaving liberal values behind and just accepting the context when reading classical literature. We were all particularly interested to note that the role of Penelope, (weaving clothes and carpets) was an integral and essential economic contribution to the running of the household. 

After the lecture we were treated to a supper with Dr Jones and, as Classics students, the opportunity to talk with him personally was an honour, bringing to life the name and passion behind the books we regularly refer to in class.

- Alicia Holland (L6)

Dr Peter Jones also presented Claudia Thomas with her Gladstone essay-writing prize, the UK's premier national Classics essay writing competition.