Clean Sweep vs Malvern St James

Clean Sweep vs Malvern St James

The Moreton Lacrosse teams had a clean sweep against Malvern St James this weekend.

The 1st team won 8-6, 2nd team 15-0, U15 24-1, U14 15-5, U13 15-0 and U12 4-2.

Kate Groves comments:  "It was an amazing day for our Lacrosse teams, especially the 1st team who fought back from being behind to win!"

Match report from Jenny Sanderson:

We arrived in plenty of time for a good warm up and started the first 3 matches in good heart. This was only the 2nd match for the inexperienced U12 team and so they were thrilled when they won 4 -2. At the same time there were also victories for the Moreton Hall 2nd and U14 teams. So with 3 played and 3 won, the next round of matches got underway and an hour later, after the U15s, U13s and 1st had won, we had a record that read 6 matches played and 6 won - a clean sweep! The most exciting match was between the two 1st teams. Moreton Hall had previously lost to Malvern St James at the Welsh Rally, so it was always going to be a tightly contested fixture. Moreton went 4 -0, before making a spectacular comeback to win by 8 goals to 6.