Dazzling Disney Prep Concert

Dazzling Disney Prep Concert


I must confess, I am part of the tiny minority of the populace who doesn’t love musicals. My daughter thought it was hilarious that I was getting a double whammy of SuperStan and the Disney Concert in one evening.

Well, here’s the thing - I loved them both... And who wouldn’t? There was such courage and joy in the Musgrave that evening. The Prep Disney Concert showcased a diversity of talent and celebrated every level of skill. Our seats were near the piano and it was humbling to watch the girls’ hands as they played their solo pieces. The solo singers - all less than 14 years old - sang with such calm maturity to a large audience. And the choirs, working in harmony and producing something amazing; not only singing but moving (in time) as well! Finally, the orchestra - all ages - playing together to create something magical.

I cannot imagine the amount of effort it took to produce such a concert. Mrs Lott’s fabulous infectious rhythm was evident, peripatetic music teachers were there supporting their pupils, Mr Jenkins’ co-ordination of one show to the next in the space of about half an hour. The list, I am certain, goes on and on...

My favourite bits? Well, you can’t help but love the sheer energy of ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’. Or, during the finale of ‘Seize the Day’, the mischievous faces of the choir just before they bombarded the audience with screwed up newspaper balls. But, mostly, I loved the confidence and spirit and pluck and energy of each and every performer. Well done all of you.

- Sally Tyne (Moreton Parent)