Development Gallery

Science Building Development Gallery

This project has now been completed. To see the building as it was launched scroll to the bottom of the page.

January 14th - Demolition
January 16th - Demolition
Late December Before Building Commenced
January 25th - Foundations

Now that the old buildings, including Darwin, have been demolished the science project is moving into the next phase. The Contractor has diverted the road slightly to allow safe working whilst they prepare the ground for the foundations to be dug and laid in the next few weeks. Once the building is complete the rear drive will follow a slightly diverted course to give room for a footpath on either side of the road and a new car park on the opposite side.

February 1st - Foundations
February 8th - Foundations
Despite the atrocious weather the contractors marked out the dimensions of the building on Monday. By Tuesday the lines were completely covered by snow. However, on Wednesday they beat the weather and managed to start digging out the foundations and today, Friday they are pouring the concrete that forms the foundations. If the weather is kind we should see the brickwork starting during next week.
February 15th - Foundations

There has been very mixed weather this week, from very cold dry conditions, to snow and rain then sunshine on Friday. Throughout all, work has continued and we can now see the shape of the building. The foundation bricks are being laid on the concrete and will form the supports for the floor beams that will be laid in place shortly.

February 22nd - Steel Supports
March 1st - Flooring
Though the weather was cold it was dry and Jones Bros were able to get on quickly with laying the beams and blocks that form the ground floor. This will be finished on Monday 4th March. After the floor is completed they will work on the brickwork above the floor level.
March 8th - Brickwork

The weather this week has been kinder, allowing the contractors to start on the blockwork on the inner part of the external walls and the internal walls. We are now able to see the outline of the ground floor rooms.

March 13th - Brickwork
March 15th - Brickwork

As with previous weeks, the weather has dominated the progress. On Monday the temperature was too low for bricks to be laid and so the Contractor started on breaking up the concrete slab that supported Darwin, it is so dense it could have supported a tower block. They continued with this all week and on Tuesday were able to resume laying the blockwork that forms the internal ground floor walls. By Friday many of these walls were at the ceiling level. They also installed the steelwork that forms the front entrance.

April 10th

Despite atrocious weather in the week before and after the Easter holiday, Jones Brothers have managed to make progress with work other than laying bricks. However this week, 8th to 12th April, they have been able to start again on laying bricks and they will complete up to the first floor floor level next week.

April 16th
April 22nd
April 29th
May 7th

After the installation of the stairs Jones Brothers have worked on completing the internal and external walls up to the underside of the roof level. They have also started the trench for the mains cable that needs to come from the sub station at the rear of the IT building.The electricians have started marking out for the first fix of wiring and the windows are under construction at the sub supplier.

June 7th
At last the kind weather has arrived and it has allowed work to take place on the roof which has had the felt and battens laid ready for the tiles to be installed. Whilst the outside of the roof has been done the carpenters have been putting final touches the roof trusses. Also this week the electricians have carried on with the first fit on both floors and next week in addition to the roof work and electrics and mechanical work the ducting and fans will be installed for the fixed fume cupboards.
June 24th

The mid summer period sees a significant milestone in the project, the roof has been completed. This allows all the remaining internal work to be achieved despite any future adverse weather. Work has also carried on with the internal walls and next week the floor is being laid with completion this week of the pipework on the ground floor.

August 5th
August 30th
September 5th - Start of Term