Enrichment Programme

The Enrichment Programme is both varied and rich in content and is central to what we do at Moreton Hall. Originally designed to assist in the preparation of Oxbridge candidates the Enrichment Programme has now been extended to each year group and is available to every girl in the school. It is not designed to be elitist, but at the same time it is designed to challenge and stretch in a way that the current examination system doesn't allow, either in terms of teaching time or expectation.

It aims to provide every pupil with an education that is as broad as it is deep. 

Academic Societies include:

Gertrude Bell  named after the renowned archaeologist, this society is aimed at girls with an interest in anthropology, geography and archaeology.
Pi  for would-be engineers and mathematicians.
Jenner  for pupils hoping to pursue a career in every field of medicine.
Bronwen  open to every girl in the school, Bronwen develops thinking skills and explores areas of knowledge neglected by the examination boards. It aims to quench intellectual curiosity and prepares those girls applying to the most competitive Universities.
Barbirolli This is a Music Society that is open to all musicians
from Remove to Upper Sixth and celebrates the high
standard of music at Moreton Hall.
Stables Lecture Series open to those students in The Stables as well as local schools, a diverse range of lectures delivered by professional speakers.

Accelerated Oxbridge Programme

For those who intend to apply to Oxbridge (or other highly competitive Universities), an accelerated programme is offered of tutorials, seminars and intensive interview practice. Great care and attention is taken in matching the right girl to the right course and college and subject staff provide individual Oxbridge lessons to ensure each candidate arrives for their interview feeling confident and fully prepared.