Moreton Enterprises

Moreton Enterprises is a unique business venture which was established at the school 30 years ago. It has been pushing boundaries since the pioneering days of resurrecting and managing the booking office at Gobowen Train Station, to become the successful retail establishment that we see today.

The businesses, all managed by the Lower 6 girls, have previously achieved a turnover of £50,000. Each year, a new team of girls try to beat these impressive sales figures.

The business are all managed by the Lower Sixth girls and are housed in a shopping mall which was built through funding raised by students. The centre includes four retail businesses; Tuck, Boost and Essentials as well as service-based businesses; Marketing and Events Management, together with a Finance team. The board of student Directors meet weekly with the MD to plan their strategies and build on their successes. New business ideas are being continuously developed such as; extending our range of product offerings, including jewellery and a student-designed clothing line. The team is re-appointed each academic year via a serious interview process. Each business then works with various external mentors who have relevant business experience. These mentors include Old Moretonians, existing parents and friends of Moreton. Together with their mentors, each Director sets the strategic direction for each business for the year ahead and put plans into place.

With the emphasis on practical experience, rather than classroom theory, using a real-life business is the best possible way to learn. It ensures the Directors and Managers of the Enterprises learn how to deal with all aspects of the everyday running of a business. This includes dealing with local and national suppliers, stock control, cash handling, record keeping, managing a team, pricing and merchandising, covering overheads and evaluating the success of the business. Being part of the team is invaluable work experience and demonstrates a wider range of managerial skills such as:

  • The ability to contribute and perform effectively in a small group
  • Key skills of communication; time management; problem-solving; decision-making and negotiation
  • Using resources effectively
  • Improving your ability to represent yourself and your business appropriately.

So whether it’s an app, a new website, a platform for e-commerce or simply a refresh of products and services - Moreton Enterprises is continuing to give customers what they want. It’s fair to say Moreton has been championing the next generation of entrepreneurs for decades.

These skills are invaluable on university application forms for all courses.