Exploring Psychology

Exploring Psychology

The psychology conference held recently was a chance to not only further my psychology knowledge but also an exciting opportunity to meet representatives from Universities, enquire about different courses and professions and participate in thought provoking workshops. Over 100 students attended from many different local schools as well as members of the psychology departments from Aberystwyth University, Wrexham Glyndwr University, University of Chester, Liverpool Hope University and Manchester Metropolitan University. 

Each student was able to choose two workshops with a break in between to give us opportunity to interact with the guests from the universities. Alisha Gill and I chose to participate in ‘Forensic and Social Psychology’ for the first session. This was led by a member of the Applied Psychology course from University of Chester. During this talk we were told about the true role of a Forensic Psychologist and not how it’s portrayed to be in the media! We also played a game of ‘Spot the Criminal’ where we had to match a person’s appearance to the crime they had committed. This was trying to teach us not to ‘judge a book by its cover’. 

Abbie (L6) chose to participate in the ‘How to Pass the AQA Exam’ workshop for her first session. This talk was led by an assistant principal examiner who discussed marking skills in the AQA psychology exams including the skills required for the ‘stem’ and the dreaded 16 mark questions! 

All three of us chose to attend the ‘Lego, Group Process and Social Influence’ workshop during the second session led by Aberystwyth University. In this we were required to get into groups of five and discuss what we thought of group work as well as exploring some of the questions we may have about human behaviour in groups. Each member of the group was then given a role and a model, with one of the team members - the ‘builder’ - having to reconstruct the model with lego under the instruction of a chain of command. This proved to be very difficult as the winning team only had one lego piece in the correct place, with the rest having none. 

Overall I believe this event was very enjoyable and allowed me the opportunity to find out additional information about a career I hope to pursue but also a chance for many of the attendees to develop their knowledge on the topic of Psychology outside of the A Level.

By Connie (L6)