Extra-Curricular Art Leaves Students Feeling Creative

Extra-Curricular Art Leaves Students Feeling Creative

Alongside their timetabled lessons, Moreton First students have enjoyed a vast range of artistic activities in lunchtime and after school sessions. 

One groups of students created large scale charcoal portraiture, ready for their inked collage paper next week. Another group worked with wood, solving problems as they as they turn their plans into pull along toys. On the third evening students were given the opportunity to explore and model in clay. 

A lunchtime group of Year 3 to Year 6 pupils spontaneously drew upturned bicycles with ink, while others made prints inspired by a table full of different shaped lightbulbs. The lunchtime group, as well as developing observation skills, are given opportunities to be creative and expressive with materials. 

Giving up their lunchtimes has to involve some fun as well as producing work they are proud of. They arrived to tables filled with slices of tree trunks, lichen covered branches, plywood and peeled silver birch. Alongside this are collage materials and glue, inked boards for printing, dip pens, cups of strong tea and brushes, graphite powder, charcoal, candle wax and paper to work on. 

How they responded was their decision, but with only thirty minutes they have to be bold, make decisions, work fast and not worry about mistakes. The results are very different and the children head to their afternoon lessons feeling a little creative.