The ethos of the school food is variety, choice and healthier options using fresh, local produce served in a sociable environment by approachable staff.

Individual requirements are always catered for, whether these relate to dietary, allergy, or personal preference. The Food Committee, made up of girls from each year group, meets on a half-termly basis to offer feedback and make further suggestions. Our recent ISI Inspection questionnaire delivered a 96% approval rating of the food offered. 

The main menu is made up of classic favourites and dishes from all over the world with many theme nights dispersed throughout the calendar to promote variety & intrigue through new tastes.


A different hot option every day alongside:
Boiled eggs, porridge, cereals, homemade natural yoghurt with fruit purée toppings, fresh fruit, fruit juice and toast, homemade smoothies & juices.


Three homemade hot options changing daily - all served with fresh vegetables & a suitable starch.
Accompanied: by two fresh homemade soups, fresh baked bread, a diverse salad bar, consisting of pickles, tabbouleh, meats, fish, cheese & various seasonal salads and dressings, jacket potatoes and our baguette bar.


Three Hot options served with a wide variety of vegetables and sides to create an exciting evening meal. As well as soups in winter and the seasonal salad bar. Theme nights and “occasion” suppers add diversity and interest.