From Moreton to Westminster

From Moreton to Westminster

Amanda Milling, Member of Parliament for Cannock Chase and OM, spoke about her journey from Moreton to Westminster.

Amanda was very interested in politics from an early age, devouring newspapers at every opportunity. Amanda credits the Lacrosse pitches of Moreton for giving her the determination she needs to survive in the House of Commons.

While at Moreton, Amanda helped in a variety of things including farming fifty giant turkeys for Christmas and doing the banking for a Travel Agency that was set up in school.

All of these roles, and studying Economics and statistics at the University College, London, helped her into the world of business where she maintained a successful career in Market Research. Offered the opportunity to run for local councillor in 2009, Amanda was becoming more and more involved with the government and didn’t want to regret not running for MP.

She gave up her job and put all her knowledge and hard work into campaigning for the election, working 24/7. It paid off and she became the MP for Cannock Chase in 2015. Amanda says she has the best job in the world and loves representing the people of Cannock Chase in Parliament.

She says Moreton distilled in her the determination and confidence she needed for her distinguished career, and helps her in every aspect of her work. She hopes to see more Moretonians joining Parliament very soon.

- Romy L5