Gearing up for Nationals

Gearing up for Nationals

Recently, the 1st Lacrosse team and the U15 A ventured down south to play against a number of schools in preparation for nationals. 

This gave our other teams and players the opportunity to play a level up. For example, our 2nd team played Queen Margaret, York’s 1st, our 3rds played Queen Margaret’s 2nds and our U15 B team played Queen Margaret’s U15 A.

With that knowledge as the background you will appreciate that the Lacrosse coaches were thrilled with the Moreton players’ results. The 2nds were very close in their match and only lost by one goal.

All of the remaining 6 teams won their matches. Some of them were really close and the U15 game and 3rd team were the highlights of the day. It is a good example of the strength in depth and it was great to see so many girls enjoying the chance to play.

 Results v Queen Margaret's, York

U12A: 12-0
U13A: 11-4
U14B: 9-3
U14A: 16-1
U15B: 12-8
3rd Team: 8-6
2nd Team: 5-6