"Girls Do Maths"

"Girls Do Maths"

The Further Mathematics Support Programme has just published its latest statistics on girls' participation in Advanced Mathematics (i.e. post-GCSE Mathematics). At Moreton Hall we don’t just buck the trend, we smash it!

The Department for Education data indicates that just 18% of female A Level students take Mathematics and that figure drops to a woeful 2% for Further Mathematics (for boys, the figures are 32% and 7% respectively).

Mathematics is our most popular choice of A Level subject and is currently being studied by 44% (54/123) of the girls in Moreton Sixth - that is 2.5 times the national average.

Furthermore, we currently have 20 girls studying Further Mathematics (16% of our cohort) - an incredible 8 times the national average.

Our extra-curricular Mathematics is equally impressive. In the recent UK Senior Mathematics Challenge, 43 girls received awards including 7 Gold Awards and one British Mathematical Olympiad. In the recent UK Intermediate Mathematics Challenge, we claimed 26 awards including 9 Gold Awards and three Intermediate Mathematical Olympiads.

At Moreton Hall: "Girls do Maths".