At Moreton Hall, a horizontal rather than vertical system of Boarding Houses has developed to ensure that we are able to offer the very best care and attention to each pupil, appropriate to their stage of development. 

The six Boarding Houses are split as follows: 

Junior School Houses

The Stables

The atmosphere of happy, creative learning which characterises every aspect of life at Moreton First will guide and shape your child’s boarding experience. A child's wellbeing and flexibility for parents are our paramount concerns. In a family environment in which stimuli and relaxation are carefully balanced, boarders will experience all the benefits of life in a thriving boarding school community, alongside the intimacy of living arrangements inspired by their own distinctive needs.

Moreton First Girls Junior dorm - Year 3 to Year 6 (to age 11) 
Remove/Lower Four Dorms Years 7 and 8 (age 11-13) 
Housemistress: Charlie Dilks

Stables House is home to pupils in Moreton First (Years 3-6) and pupils in Remove and Lower Four (Years 7 and 8). For many this is their first introduction to boarding where special emphasis is placed upon settling the pupils into the routines of the new environment. Each weekend there is a full and varied programme for boarders.

Senior School Houses

There are three Senior School houses. Pilkington is home to Upper Four (Year 9), Gem to Lower Five (Year 10) and Lloyd-Williams is home to Upper Five (Year 11).

Pupils in each house are encouraged to take on responsibilities appropriate to their age and to contribute to the life of the house, whether as a mentor or a member of a house committee, whilst house outings and socials help to contribute to the happy and purposeful atmosphere. The housemistresses head a team of tutors who are always on hand to provide academic and pastoral support throughout the girls’ time in the School.

Pilkington House

Upper Four - Year 9 (age 13-14)  
Housemistress: Isobel Parry 

Pilkington (named after a former governor, David Pilkington) is one of two boarding houses for 13-14 year olds. It is set in the heart of the school complex and is a warm and friendly house which provides a home from home environment. It is set over two floors and accommodates 45 students with accommodation for Upper Four (Year 9) pupils in shared rooms of two or three students all with internet access. There is a shared common room, the Marchant Gallery, which gives the students the opportunity to watch TV, play games, make drinks and snacks, socialise and of course, study.

Gem House

Lower Five - Year 10 (age 14-15) 
Housemistress: Abigail Plowden

Named after Major Arthur H Gem, a former Chairman of Governors, the house is sited in the main school building.

It is a warm and friendly boarding house which provides a homely environment with a shared common room where girls can watch TV, play games, make drinks and snacks and socialise. There is also a computer area.

Accommodation for the Lower Five (Year 10) is in single, double and triple study bedrooms, each with a desk area where they complete their prep. These rooms also have internet access in order to enable the girls to be able to complete their first year of GCSE coursework.

Lloyd-Williams House

Upper Five - Year 11 (age 15-16)
Senior Housemistress: Kate Simlett Groves

Named after Bronwen Lloyd-Williams, founder of Moreton Hall.

The layout, routine and ethos of Lloyd-Williams are designed to allow students to make the most of the important Upper Five year. Single study bedrooms, ‘in-House’ Subject Clinics and participation in the Sixth Form programme of lectures, talks and social events enables students to make a smooth transition to their A Level studies at the end of the year.

Sixth Form

Rylands House

Lower Six - Year 12 (age 16-17)
Housemistress: Gabriella Jones

Named after Old Moretonian artist Denise Rylands, this is the school’s newest house, opened in September 2008. Home to Lower 6, it offers accommodation for 50 students in outstanding single and twin study bedrooms all fitted with en-suite bathrooms and internet access. The common rooms are the perfect hub for cooking, socialising and watching TV. The students have their own laundry.

Charlesworth House

Upper Six - Year 13 (age 17-18)  
Sixth Form Senior Housemistress: Karen Davenport

Named after the late Michael Charlesworth, former Chairman of the Governors, Charlesworth is the Upper 6 house, which provides single and twin study bedrooms with en-suite facilities and internet access at each desk. The accommodation is of good hotel standard and incorporates common rooms and cooking facilities, satellite TV and all modern conveniences on each of the three floors. There are two laundry rooms for the students to use, a computer room on the ground floor and a large car park for those students who have a car. (Note that students who have passed their driving test may drive to and from school once a permission form has been signed, but must not transport other students.)

Both Sixth Form houses share a common ethos of developing independence in the students in preparation for university and beyond. Students are encouraged to work increasingly independently and to manage their own time efficiently. Students wash their own clothes in the house laundries and may cook, if they wish to, in the stylish common rooms.