Incredible Weekend of Lacrosse

Incredible Weekend of Lacrosse

Lacrosse - Welsh Rally Victories!

Five Moreton Hall teams made their way to Haberdashers Monmouth on Saturday to play the hosts and Cheltenham Ladies' College at the Welsh Rally tournament. The weather was in stark contrast to the previous week, a lovely sunny day!  The performances on the pitches by all the Moreton teams were very impressive for so early on in the season, with the 1st winning one match 16-0 and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd teams all beating Cheltenham! 

Results were as follows : 

1st team  v CLC WON 12-7
v Habs Monmouth WON 16-0

2nds  v CLC WON 12-1
v Habs Monmouth WON 12-2

3rds  v CLC WON 6-4

U15's  v Habs Monmouth WON 7-5 

U14's  v Habs Monmouth U15 Team DREW 8-8