Learning Support

Learning Support is an important aspect of Moreton Hall. Pupils are generally taught on an individual basis but can also be taught in pairs or in small groups. As well as supporting pupils who have specific learning differences such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, we support all pupils in the school who need help, whatever their age or level of ability. The outstanding examination results are a testimony to the pupils' hard work and to the excellent teaching and support which the pupils receive in all aspects of the school. 

Pupils attend learning support lessons in their ‘prep' sessions and as a result do not miss timetabled lessons. They are taught through a multi-sensory approach which is designed specifically for the individual child. Support is provided by two Dyslexia specialists and specific Maths difficulties are supported by Maths specialists.

Thinking skills are a key part of learning support and pupils are trained to use Edward De Bono's ‘Six Thinking Hats' and Tony Buzan's ‘Mindmapping' amongst others. Pupils also participate in small group work based around Directed Activities Related to Text (DARTs) using a variety of different subject material to encourage the pupils to really understand what they are reading and to transfer these skills to all subject areas. Pupils are also taught revision skills and examination techniques, individually or in small groups.

Preferred learning styles are identified in order for teachers to present information in a way which enables learning to be more accessible to the individual pupil. Computer technology is an important tool in supporting students to become independent in their own learning. Students are encouraged to learn touch typing skills and programmes which use voice activated dictation are used.

The Director of Learning oversees a team of specialist teachers to ensure that appropriate provision is in place for each stage of the child's education journey. Provision is bespoke and flexible and adapted to the needs of individuals. We have an ‘open door’ policy in the Learning Support department at Moreton Hall and any pupil can pop in for a chat if they have concerns about any area of their learning or studies.

There is no extra charge for Learning Support Provision or examination access arrangements at Moreton Hall.