Lower Five Trip to the Zoo

Lower Five Trip to the Zoo

Lower Five were treated to a Biology trip at the Zoo. Once we arrived we were given a booklet with facts about different animals and we split up into groups.

As we entered we saw the elephants. They were endearing and resourceful. There were eight in total and two of them were calves.

We continued the morning looking round the zoo. I was in a group with Elin, Lottie and Mary. Every time we saw something small and furry, I would hear: “ Ah it's so cute,” or “Is it possible to adopt one?”

After lunch my group went on the boat trip around the island which is a new part of Chester zoo. While on the boat we saw tigers and monkeys!

Next, we headed for the aquarium as it was the last part in our booklet to fill in.  We looked at a range of fish and found Nemo! Finally, we sought the Meerkats as Mary insisted they were a “must see!”

Belinda (L5)