Lucy Wins Shrewsbury Bookfest Competition

Lucy Wins Shrewsbury Bookfest Competition

To mark the centenary of the start of World War I, a competition was launched by Shrewsbury Bookfest for children to write a letter imagining that they had been caught up in the trauma of the war.

Moreton First is delighted to have received news that out of 800 entrants, we had a winner and six other Moreton First pupils were short-listed.

Lucy McGuire (Y5) wrote the winning letter imagining she was a little girl in hospital writing to her father who was fighting in the battle fields of Northern France.

The following six children were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ and a letter from the organisers informed us that they were amazed at the high standard of work sent in by Moreton First: Bridget Bould, Iris Girvan, Lucy Rees, Alice Marshall, Gaia Vyas Adams and Hannah Andrews.

On Sunday November 16th, along with 30 other members of Moreton First, Lucy attended the production of  'The Best Christmas Present in the World' at Theatre Severn. Michael Morpurgo, the author, was present and Lucy had an opportunity to meet him, discuss his work and read her prize winning letter.

Lucy with Michael Morpurgo