Maths Week at Moreton

Maths Week at Moreton



This is the…

Amount of bottles of mineral water consumed during Ascot Royal Meeting week…

The amount of seconds in a day and a half… give or take... 

Predicted amount of pilots needed in China by 2037...

Population of Dandenong (Melbourne) in 2001…

However, most importantly… It is:

The amount of correct times tables calculations made by Moreton pupils last week in our first Divisional Mathematics Competition. 

Last week introduced the world to the inaugural Maths Week England. Of course, this was not an event that Moreton Hall was willing to overlook and so we jumped at the opportunity to celebrate this fascinating subject. Events were wide-reaching, involving both Moreton First and the Senior School.

Maths Week Moreton kicked off with an online week-long Divisional Times Tables Competition for students from Reception to Upper Four. As you can see above, students have seriously impressed with their enthusiasm and uptake - especially Helen, who achieved an outstanding 10,757 correct calculations herself! Mr Quantrell doesn’t even know if he has ever done so many calculations in his life! 

Alongside this divisional competition was a week-long quiz, featuring many famous mathematical problems, where each year group from Reception to Upper Sixth were given a series of problems to consider. Answers were collected and combined to give a ‘school total’. This meant that each year group carried the same amount of weighting towards the quiz, regardless of age or ability! Sixth formers were given the added challenge of the Integral ‘Ritangle’ national competition.

The end of the week saw us taking two trips with the Senior School to Warwick University and the University of Salford to engage in a series of talks from a plethora of speakers. 

Speakers from these Maths in Action events featured:

  • Bobby Seagull - University Challenge semi-finalist, selecting his dream team of four mathematicians from history. Who would you pick?
  • Dr James Grime - Maths communicator, decoding transmissions over the internet and eluding to the Secrets of the Digital World.
  • Alex Bellos - Author, puzzling pupils through a practical session full of problems. 
  • David Percy - Director of the Centre for Sports Business, providing insight into The Role of Statistics in Sport. 
  • Ed Southall - Author, inspiring inquisitive thoughts through his jam-packed puzzles practical session. 
  • Katie Steckles - BBC Radio, sharing her wisdom on Fractals and Dynamical Systems. 
  • Sophie Harker - Senior Aerodynamicist at BAE Systems, motivating future generations that mathematicians provide a vital role in The Future of Flight.
  • Martin Archer - DJ Physicist, demonstrating that mathematics can be applied to all walks of life, even when exploring Music in Space. 
  • Zoe Grittiths - Communicator, sharing her views on Freaky Probability and giving tangible examples to audiences that chances are not always what we might imagine. 

“Wow, what a week!” commented Mr Quantrell. “I always knew that Maths Week would be exciting, but I could not have anticipated the impressive levels of participation that Moreton pupils have shown from all years throughout the school.”