Medical Science Faculty Takes Delivery of High-Spec Equipment

Medical Science Faculty Takes Delivery of High-Spec Equipment

Inspired by the school's vision of a unique Medical Science Faculty which would serve the schools in the local community, the Wolfson Foundation generously donated a substantial grant the school in 2013.

This week Moreton took delivery of the first equipment to have been bought with the funding from the UK's largest independent supplier of scientific products and partner in the project, SLS Select Education. According to the school's coordinator of the project, Dr David Kelly, "this equipment will allow us to kit out our Medical Science Faculty to a higher specification than some start-up research groups in a number of teaching universities. It really is an extraordinary opportunity for Moreton Hall and the state schools in our local area."

Moreton students also set up a Medical Science Society which now has a number of eminent scientists on its steering committee. The society hosts regular lectures by speakers from all around the globe and high calibre science workshops for aspiring medics, vets and dentists.

"We have high expectations for the future of women in science at Moreton Hall," explains Principal, Jonathan Forster. "But part of that vision is to also open our doors to inspired young scientists from the local community. We already do a lot of work on a regular basis with students from nearby St Martins school and have had science workshops with many of the local state schools. This new Medical Science Faculty allows us to offer experience and skill development which takes learning well beyond A Level standard."

SLS Select Education representative, Joshua Chapman, adds: “It is very unusual for a school to be able to offer teaching which requires equipment of this sophistication. We are delighted to be working with Moreton Hall in this long term partnership which will help to better educate many school children, both at Moreton and in the local community.”