Melissa's Oxford Application Success Story

Melissa's Oxford Application Success Story

At this exciting time in the development of STEM subjects at Moreton, Melissa talks about her recent journey in her pursuit of a place at Oxbridge to read Bio-Medical Science:

After years of pursuing a passion for Biology and months of interview preparation, I have finally been offered a place at Exeter College, Oxford to study Biomedical Sciences. I feel privileged to be one of the 35 Biomedics in Oxford’s undergraduate intake, and excited at the opportunity to explore my favourite subject areas with the world’s top scientists.

At the beginning of this school year, I decided to apply to many American Ivy League universities as well as Oxford. This meant that my time to prepare for the Oxford interview, as well as the compulsory aptitude test was limited. I cannot stress enough how grateful I am towards all the understanding and support my teachers have given me during this time.

Throughout the Autumn term, I have had group sessions with Mr Dennison and other Oxbridge applicants - developing our thinking skills and intellectual curiosity. We had to learn to relate anything given to us, (this includes a tiara, a spinning machine, an Andy Warhol painting and a massive colour block) to our subjects; to convince others of the validity of our argument, and to immediately disprove what we have just claimed.

On top of this, I also had weekly one-to-one sessions with Mr Dennison to discuss my personal statement in depth, and mock interviews towards the end of November. I was also offered small group sessions by my Oxbridge mentor Mr Keeley to discuss current Biology related issues, and extra Biomedical amplitude test (BMAT) practice with Mrs Peel.

Although the actual ‘Getting ready for Oxford’ didn’t start until the beginning of the school year, the preparation Moreton has given me goes way beyond that. The experiences of leading Moreton Enterprises in Lower Sixth and being a senior prefect in Upper Sixth have given me immense confidence, so much so that I don’t remember being very nervous before stepping into the interview room!

In the coming months, I will continue to put in all my effort to make sure I meet the required grades (A*AA) to attend Exeter College. Thank you to everyone in the Moreton community who has offered me support and words of encouragement, none of this could have been possible without them.