Mellifluous Maya at the National Youth Music Theatre

Mellifluous Maya at the National Youth Music Theatre


This summer I started my incredible National Youth Music Theatre (NYMT) journey. I would be rehearsing from 9 in the morning until 9 at night in Sevenoaks in preparation for our show Legend Trippers which would debut on the 14th of August at The Other Palace Theatre in Westminster.

Each day consisted of an energetic warm up to some classic musical theatre songs, choreographing new numbers, practising vocals for new songs and a take away Dominos with the cast. 

Although the rehearsals were tiring we couldn’t be tired for too long as the week finished with a sitzprobe, which is when the band and the vocalists come together in order to time the songs. 

Then we would have to travel up to London in preparation for our tech on Monday. On the 13th we checked into our UCL accommodation in Westminster and got the tube to the theatre which would become our home for the next week. With that followed an immense number of shows in such a small space of time. 

That said, we did manage to fit in a trip to Oxford Street for a bit of pre-show shopping, a trip to Leicester Square and Hyde Park. 

Prior to the evening show we would walk through the streets of London convincing the public to come to our show at 11pm. One such person was Matt Lucas, an old NYMT member, who sadly could not attend our show due to a clash with his Les Mis rehearsals! Excuses, excuses! 

We all rehearsed so hard and tirelessly trying to perfect our performance. As it was a new musical we had to try even harder to get the story line across.

The feeling on stage was electrifying and one I will never forget. 

The shows went down a treat, getting 5 star reviews and a gushing congratulations from Michael Jibson who is currently playing King George in Hamilton at the West End. 

This was by far one of the best experiences of my life, thanks to the most talented cast whom I have made the most amazing friendships with, amazing directors, an amazing venue, and the amazing writers Claire and Scott who wrote the most powerful musical with the most heart wrenching songs. 

There has been talk of a cast recording so fingers crossed there will be one!

- Maya