Moreton Enterprises Growing Business

Moreton Enterprises Growing Business

As a new year begins, a new team of girls has taken on the task of Moreton Enterprises – our student run business based in Moreton Hall. This is a real-world experience which allows us to develop an understanding of the world of business by undertaking initiatives and taking risks. Our new team is passionate about providing the best products and services possible and this year looks to be moving forward with an imminent new product launch awaiting!

The first weekend back at school for Moreton Enterprises was spent ‘Strategic Planning’,  discussing objectively the strengths and weaknesses of our business, as well as the threats and  opportunities that we foresee. We understand that having a clear view of our position in the  market is vital for Moreton Enterprises to be successful at this point of the year, and indeed a  careful ‘SWOT analysis’ provides answers for this.

All shops are now at the stage of product development, so we strongly encourage creativity  and innovation from every member of the Moreton Enterprises, and some wonderful ideas  have been developed and put on sale. Boost was successful in doubling last year’s first week of sales by developing new milkshake  flavours in the shop such as ‘Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup’ and ‘Galaxy Caramel’ which have  proved extremely popular among the customers! As the next part of our market research,  samples of ‘Bubble Tea’ will be given away to customers to test out its popularity, and at the  same time build up excitement for the launch of our new product.

A meeting with a Body Shop representative is scheduled by the Essentials team, which shall  hopefully result in new collaboration and an exciting range of stock. At the same time,  Claudia and her team are looking to re-launch the every popular ‘Moreton Hall’ pyjamas, a  must have in every girl’s wardrobe. Meanwhile, the Tuck team is inspired by ‘'  and hopes to develop a range of snacks along the idea of healthy eating on delivery.

What’s more, Team Innovation and Ryman are looking to design personal stationery with the  school crest on, which we are certain will bring in a large amount of revenue for the  development of even more exciting products.

Following on from last year’s success with Mini Moreton Enterprises, Georgi, Margaret and  Maggie have taken on the challenge of being mentors for this year. Together with the Year Fives, a brand new idea of creating branded school pencils and erasers is being developed.

With all these new ideas and products coming into the business, Moreton Enterprises is well  on the way to another successful year.

By Gracie Lovell (L6)