Moreton First develops, within every child, the ambition to exceed expectations. The range of subjects, activities and enrichment offered in these preparatory years instils the belief that success is attainable. Self-confidence is the badge of a Moreton First start in life. By weaving a unique curriculum of traditional academic practices such as Classics whilst also providing each pupil with competence in relevant academic developments of Science and Technology.

Classes remain small, ensuring that the strengths of individuals are recognised and nurtured. Our experienced Learning Support department offers support when required and challenge for others. Specialist subject teachers ensure that the children are not spectators but active participants in their education. All pupils are encouraged to be excited by the challenges and experiences offered each day. In addition to preparation for examination in Common Entrance subjects the curriculum takes each pupil on a journey where talents in Drama, Music and Sport are highly valued and where ‘having a go’ is encouraged at every opportunity.

The curriculum is broad and balanced, offering at every stage a very good range of subjects suitable for the age and ability of the pupils. It provides many opportunities for the acquisition of good numeracy, literacy, listening, and, particularly, speaking skills.

ISI Inspection Report


All pupils’ progress is monitored from an early age to ensure that potential is fulfilled and any difficulties are identified. Standardised assessments provide a gauge for pupils’ progress against a national benchmark. 

Detailed, termly reports, parent/teacher meetings and half termly progress grades give parents comprehensive feedback on their child’s progress. An open door policy operates throughout Moreton First and all subject teachers endeavour to work closely with parents to support pupils. 

As the pupils reach Year 5 and Year 6 they begin preparation for entry to senior schools. The girls move seamlessly to Moreton Hall and boys will be guided in their choice of senior school. Preparation for Common Entrance or Scholarship examinations is woven into the curriculum.