Beyond The Classroom


The progressive Art curriculum builds on skills, knowledge and experience. Practical techniques are taught, allowing the children to gain confidence as they see their designs taking shape and they realise their ideas. 

All Moreton First pupils have lessons in the Design Centre benefiting from the use of equipment such as the printing press and kiln. The contextual study of historical and contemporary artists permeates all Art classes and projects. Children are entered into national and local competitions and their work is exhibited in the annual Prep Schools Art Exhibition.


Our dedication to performing arts is central to our belief that confidence is the product of a holistic education. 

Speaking to an audience becomes the norm as all Moreton First pupils from Transition to Year 6 have numerous opportunities each week in Drama and Public Speaking. For the younger children the emphasis is on participating, encouraging, creating imagination and the ability to work in a partnership with other members of the class. For the older children, there are opportunities for improvisation and group projects. 

After school Drama clubs are popular with all ages. Dynamic Moreton First musical productions take place twice a year, in which every child has a role. Moreton Hall’s stunning amphitheatre, surrounded by glorious gardens, provides the perfect backdrop for summer productions and concerts.


The Music Department offers all children outstanding facilities and specialist teachers in a wide range of musical instruments. From the cor anglais, ocarina to oboe, lessons with specialist conservatoire teachers can be arranged in virtually every musical discipline. 

All pupils receive weekly Music lessons and all children sing in the Moreton First choir. Those receiving individual instrumental tuition have the opportunity to play in one of the many ensembles or orchestral groups and perform in the regular concerts that take place throughout the year.

Spoken English

The ability to communicate with confidence and clarity is vital. To master an effective and proficient use of our spoken language gives countless opportunities and thus we offer classes in Spoken English to all Moreton First pupils. During weekly sessions with specialist teachers, boys and girls investigate and practise the pronunciation, intonation and delivery of the spoken word. Using humorous and popular examples of poetry and prose the pupils are sensitively guided through exercises to enhance their ability to deliver English in its spoken form. The Debating Club gives our budding spokespeople the chance to perfect their skills of rhetoric. Visiting authors, artists and speakers engage the children in discussions, encouraging them to offer their opinions. We offer tutoring for all Vanguard Spoken English examinations and have an outstanding rate of success in national competitions.