Moreton First Rugby is Growing

Moreton First Rugby is Growing

Moreton First Rugby is Growing

This term, the boys of Moreton First Juniors have spent their sports sessions getting a taste for the “gentleman’s” game of Rugby Union. This has proved a fantastic experience for both pupils and staff, and has seen the children move outside of their comfort zones and tackling – quite literally – a whole new sporting challenge. 

For some of our boys, this transition came easily. Oliver Van Liefland (Y4) and Henry Longfellow (Y2) are members of Oswestry Rugby Club, and are regulars for their Sunday fixtures and training sessions. For others it was their first chance to experience the game. “I have really enjoyed the rugby this term, it’s been really fun,” said Fynn Noble (Y6), “We have been learning little bits at a time, and now we all know a lot about how the game works.” 

In accordance with the guidance of the RFU, the children have also been introduced to the Core Values of Rugby Union; a series of moral codes in which sport should be approached. This has been a delight to implement, and has allowed the boys to practise their sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for all involved in the delivery of the sport.

Due to Moreton’s proximity to the Anglo-Welsh border, and with the Six Nations in full swing, it has been the perfect time to get the children interested in the sport. 

Rhys Price (Y3), much to the envy of his teachers, was lucky enough to be at the Wales v England fixture in Cardiff with his family. “The atmosphere was amazing,” said Rhys, “The lights and fire effects made it a really tense build up. That was my favourite bit.” Rhys has also been enjoying his session back at school, and hopes to emulate his favourite player, Welsh scrumhalf Rhys Webb, on the pitch.  

Moreton First’s on-going relations with local schools have allowed a number of special coaching sessions and fixtures to take place this term. The boys and girls of Year 2 enjoyed an afternoon tag-rugby session, where they were joined by nearly twenty pupils from Gobowen School. The children enjoyed a series of fun, constructive games to improve their handling and running skills. “Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed the experience,” said Miss Davies (Y2 Form Teacher). “The activities gave the opportunity for the children to develop their tag rugby skills and social skills through exciting games. Year 2 hope to have another session soon!”

In addition to Tag-Rugby, there have also been ample opportunities for some of the older boys to get a taste for the contact aspect of the sport. Our U11 squad enjoyed an afternoon at Oswestry School, where they were treated to an introductory crash course in tackling. The techniques and skills they learnt have proved to be extremely beneficial, and they have been able to carry these into their fixtures and training back at Moreton First. 

Both our U11s and U9s teams have enjoyed good outings in our recent fixtures against both Oswestry and Ellesmere. The U11s have scored some outstanding tries, showing good understanding of the game and communication throughout. They have also been able to identify the areas that require improvement, and it has been rewarding to see their enthusiasm carried onto the training pitch.