The aim of the sports department at Moreton First is that every child experiences the enjoyment of playing sport whilst developing expertise.

Outstanding sporting opportunities are provided for every pupil from the most competitive team player to the amateur enthusiast.

Pupils benefit from a daily timetabled lesson of sport with afternoons of Games on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Through the Moreton First extensive activities programme, there are opportunities to develop skills further. Individual coaching sessions are available in all sports. Specialist PE teachers coach all core sports: Hockey (girls & boys), Lacrosse, Football, Tag Rugby, Netball, Swimming, Cricket, Tennis and Dance.

A gymnastics club - school link has been formed with Borders Counties Gym which will enable children to experience gymnastics in the curriculum. 

The competitive schedule offers a variety of fixtures that are arranged with Prep Schools which gives children the opportunity to represent the school. Parents are encouraged, when possible, to support these events and enjoy a postmatch tea with staff.

In addition, as members of IAPS, we regularly compete in regional IAPS schools tournaments.
We have also created a club school link with TNS All Saints Football Club at the Venue, Oswestry. This link sees their football coaches attend Moreton Hall every week as well as the children attending the Venue weekly to be trained and continue their development in football.

Plus boys and girls attend additional practices at Oswestry Cricket Club.

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Sports Tour

Following the success in 2016, Moreton First attended the Jersey Games once again in April 2018. To get a flavour of success of the tour, please see the blog below or the video on this page.