Moreton Hall Ranked Number One School in the UK

Moreton Hall Ranked Number One School in the UK

Moreton Hall in Shropshire has been named by The Times as the UK’s top performing non-selective school following outstanding A Level and GCSE results. This impressive accolade follows hot on the heels of The Tatler Schools Guide, which pronounced ‘If you’re looking for girl power, you’ll find it at Moreton Hall.’

Exceptional pastoral care, detailed knowledge of individual students and unlimited extra support and help are undoubtedly key factors in explaining the school’s remarkable success in public examinations. 

However, Principal Jonathan Forster, was quick to pay tribute to the quality of teaching and learning which has long been the hallmark of the school. ‘We have exceptional teachers and outstanding students, both of whom are prepared to go the extra mile’. 

‘Moreton is a very special place and its unique atmosphere and ethos allows us to stretch the most able and support the least confident’. 

Our aim is quite simple, to enable students to reach their potential. Whether that is achieving a place at Oxbridge, representing their country at Lacrosse or utilising the skills honed in Moreton Enterprises to run their own company.’

‘Our academic results are stellar, but that is only one aspect of the business of education.  A Moreton education is for life!’