Moreton Hall Student Wins Prestigious Photographic Competition

Moreton Hall Student Wins Prestigious Photographic Competition


Budding photographer, Abigail, has snapped the winning entry in a leading photography competition for the Economic and Social Research Council. 

Her photograph of Portrait.5965 was selected out of 800 entries. In addition, two further students: Freya and Willa have been commended on their entries. All three photographs will be displayed in an exhibition in London.

The competition, aimed at 14-18 year olds, challenged students to photograph what ‘better lives’ means. It had five diverse categories: health, education, economy, environment, relationships.

Abigail commented: “Portrait.5965 challenges the concept of mental illness having a visible effect. The title is based on the number of people who took their own lives in 2017 and I wanted it to symbolise how, if mental illness had a visible effect, we would constantly see people with scars and bruises though our everyday life.”

Abigail’s entry was selected by a prestigious panel of judges: Phil Coomes is the BBC's Picture Editor and photographer. He works closely with the online team for BBC News to produce stories and slideshows from around the UK and abroad; Jane Falkingham is Professor of Demography and International Social Policy and Dean of the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Southampton. She is also the Director of the ESRC Centre for Population Change and a member of ESRC’s Council; Sophie Batterbury is Picture Editor for the inewspaper; and Joanne Gallagher was the overall photography competition winner in 2016. 

Photography teacher, Sally Penrose, added: 

“Photography is in its second year or running at Moreton Hall and is going from strength to strength. 

“We encourage the students to involve themselves with competitions as part of the A Level course, as it is great for their personal development and also a fantastic addition to their CVs. 

“The Economic and Social Research Council’s photography competition is prestigious and highly regarded, and the standard of winners is always incredibly high.

“This year all of the Lower Six Photographers took part in a two week project, based around the theme of ‘Better Lives’. At the end of the project, all students submitted between 1 and 3 photos to the ESRC ‘Better Lives’ competition.

“There were over 800 entries nationally, so for 3 out of the 10 students entered from Moreton Hall to have either won or been commended is a fantastic achievement and something the students, and we as a school are incredibly proud of.”

The Better Lives photographic exhibition was a private viewing which took place at the Espacio Gallery in London on Tuesday 26 March 2019.

To view Abigail's photograph as part of the 'Better Lives' photography competition on the BBC website please click here.