Moreton Hall Takes Third Place in National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships

Moreton Hall Takes Third Place in National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships

“Watching Moreton at the Nationals was one of the most inspiring things ever” – Storm Trentham –Former Welsh International player

It’s official: Moreton Hall is the third best lacrosse team in the UK!

Having been crowned this year’s North Schools’Champions and the Scottish Schools’ Tournament winners, the Moreton Hall U18A Lacrosse Team finished in a stunning 3rd place at the National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships in Guildford, Surrey this weekend, ahead of much larger rivals such as Downe House, Stowe, Putney High School, St Mary’s Calne, Charterhouse, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, St.Swithuns and Godolphin.

“What we witnessed on the lacrosse fields at the Nationals has to be the pinnacle of our Lacrosse career in Moreton’s 100 year history,” adds Principal, Jonathan Forster. “The commitment our girls showed was incredible and embodied everything I have ever wanted for the students of Moreton Hall: drive, passion, focus, team players and unrelenting ambition. This is one of the highlights in my twenty-two years at the school.”

Head of Sport, Kate Groves comments: “I cannot be more proud of what both our 1st and 2nd Lacrosse Teams and coaching staff achieved at the National Schools’ Lacrosse Championships. For our 1stTeam to be placed in the top four of 53 schools nationally, after one of the most exciting semi-finals I have ever watched was outstanding. The 2nd Team being placed in the top eight out of 28 schools nationally is also an incredible achievement.”

Moreton is instrumental in the current surge in interest in lacrosse in the region. Having created a joint venture with the English Lacrosse Association (ELA), a Development Officer has been placed at Moreton Hall since 2012 supporting the ELA’s dedication to developing Lacrosse in the north of England. “The appointment of the Development Officer has made a significant difference to the Moreton Hall players and has also allowed us to develop and execute an impressive community programme across Shropshire,” explains Head of Lacrosse, Jenny Sanderson. “In this time we have started the Shropshire Lacrosse Club at the Shrewsbury Sports Centre and a Junior Club for the community at Prestfelde School. We have also been running workshops at over ten state senior and primary schools and we are an active member of the Youth Sport Trust which is now adopting lacrosse as one of its sports in the Shropshire School Games.”

Former Welsh International Lacrosse player, Storm Trentham adds: “Watching Moreton at the Nationals was one of the most inspiring things ever. In every game they stepped up and looked so classy. To think that Moreton is a small school with no tough local opposition to get them used to the pace of ‘top-four’ lacrosse speaks volumes about the girls. And to think they did all that with 12-14 players, they never stopped running, they never gave up and they kept their heads. This affirms Moreton’s place on the national map.”