Moreton Musical Soirée

Moreton Musical Soirée

Moreton soirées are one of the cornerstones of Moreton life, and January’s evening was one to remember. As well as the excellent array of food, the diversity within the pieces performed was notable. Senior Choir sent the evening off to a super start with Chatanooga Choo Choo and Clare Benediction by John Rutter, two very different and challenging pieces to open the show.

All of the larger ensembles performed extremely well, with special mention of the Orchestra which has risen in skill and performance level in the last year. The soloists yet again showcased an enormous range of talent and instruments, from piano to voice to saxophone, including works as different as a Hadyn piano sonata and Rachmaninov on the sax! Yuki Zhang’s rendition of the Chopin’s Fantaisie Impromptu, a complex and demanding piece, was played with particular technical ability and sensitivity and congratulations must go to the vocal trio who performed their piece “For everything” with ultimate ease, despite illness on the day. 

The piano accompanists must also get a mention, supporting various solo performances with sensitivity and clarity and not becoming overbearing competitors to the solo performer. Being able to hear the girls deliver such pieces to such a high standard as well as provide so much entertainment all round does real credit to the school and I hope that it continues for years to come!

- By Mr David Snow - Parent


Moreton’s musicians excelled themselves when a packed Musgrave Hall listened, spellbound, to accomplished renditions as different in pace and composition as Chopin’s ‘Fantasie Impromptu’ and rapper Aloe Blacc’s ‘Wake Me Up’. 

After a delicious meal provided and served by Moreton’s dedicated catering staff, the lights were lowered and we were launched into what was to be a most memorable evening.

The senior choir opened the proceedings, singing like angels in beautiful harmony. This was followed by Emily Kiel (U5) and Harriet Lang (U5) who hit every note in their perfect harmonic partnership.

A beautifully relaxing rendition of Saint-Saens’ ‘Sonata for Clarinet, Piano Movement 4’ was delivered with professionalism by the very talented Jemima Pickersgill (L5), and we were moved by a stunning performance from Emily Boulton (U6) on the saxophone.

Haunting flute solos by Lucy Reade (U5) and Stephanie Christenson (L5), and professional performances by the Piano Trio, Wind Ensemble and Senior Orchestra meant the audience’s attention never wavered.

These were followed by Elizabeth Walsh’s (L5) equally moving violin solo, before the delightful harmonies of The Vocal Trio with their impressive delivery of ‘For Everything’ by Althouse.

Piano solos by Violet Peng (L5) and Yuki Zhang (U4) left us amazed at the sheer talent and mastery of this instrument by such young musicians.

The Chamber Choir gave moving performances, with Pilkin’s ‘Bright Eyes’ and Andrew Lloyd-Webbers ‘Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again’ leaving some moved to tears.

Stables Choir had the audience captivated with a delightful performance which ended with much clapping and foot-stomping for their up-beat, fun rendition of Aloe Blacc’s ‘Wake Me Up’ which left the audience wanting more.

It was a spectacular evening, from start to finish, put together by the very talented and dedicated music department at Moreton Hall. As a newcomer to Moreton’s musical soirées, I found the evening thoroughly up-lifting. Our young people’s dedication to their art shone through and left me proud to be associated with such talent. If you missed it, watch out for the next soirée evening at Moreton Hall, you will not be disappointed.

By parent and teacher, Alison Wray