Moreton Players Push County Teams onto Victory

Moreton Players Push County Teams onto Victory

Both the Shropshire U15 A and B teams won all of their games and were crowned North Counties Tournament Winners this weekend. The teams, made up of all but two Moreton players in the A team, and four in the B team, played some of the highest level games all year against Cheshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire at Queen Margaret’s, York.

So far this season the U18A/B and U15A/B teams have won their respective County Tournaments with the U13s playing this weekend.

The full results are below:

Shropshire A
v Cheshire won 6-5
v Lancashire won 8-4
v Yorkshire won 7-4
Shropshire B
v Cheshire won 10-5
v Lancashire won 11-2
v Yorkshire won 10-5

Shropshire’s MVPs were Camilla for the A Team and Daisy in the B Team. 

U15 A Team Captain, Hattie

U15A Team

U15B Team