Moreton Ski Trip - Live Report

Moreton Ski Trip - Live Report

Ski Trip 2015 - Live Report

Updated: 10:35am - 25/03/15

Returning Home

We have now left Champoluc and will be arriving at Manchester airport at 3.20pm for airport pick ups and 5pm at Moreton for pick ups from school.


Advanced Group Photograph


The Internet here is terrible and so we haven't been able to send as many updates as I'd liked. 

We went xcountry skiing last night which was great fun and we had the most amazing Italian hot chocolate afterwards!

The last two days didn't see the best conditions as it was snowing and really foggy but it didn't hold anyone back! It also meant fresh snow and today is a glorious sunny day - perfect skiing conditions with the most spectacular scenery.



Day 2

We had a fantastic day skiing today and finished it off in an adventure park. The girls are enjoying themselves and are superb ambassadors for Moreton Hall!




End of the First Day

Our first day was fantastic with great weather and awesome skiing/boarding. Everyone has had a super day! We're going to do our evening activity now - quiz - and then off to bed after an amazing day.


First Day of Skiing

Picture from the slope:

The Moreton ski trip have hit the slopes for their first day of skiing.


Arrived at the Hotel

The skiiers have now arrived at their hotel in Champoluc.



We've arrived safely at Geneva airport and are now on route to resort - we should be there around 2pm local time. Spirits are still high and snow conditions sound fantastic in Champoluc.

Getting fitted with all our ski gear on arrival in the village, have our welcome party and an early will be much needed in preparation for our first day of skiing tomorrow.



...and we're off! A bunch of very excited girls, and Mr Taylor, at 3 in the morning.  Champoluc here we come!