Moreton Soirée

Moreton Soirée

Parent, Jonathan Mitchell, writes:

"I’m not sure there is a better way to spend an evening, nor a prouder moment for a parent.

The wonderful Moreton Soirée last Saturday was absolutely fabulous. Musical performances from Moreton students of all ages, all instruments, all with talent, grace and endeavour.

An audience of 200 was entertained by many very accomplished musicians, whilst eating a very nice supper. My daughter Alice Mitchell has so enjoyed her time at Moreton, this was her last of many musical performances and - as has become the norm - she and her friends were outstanding!

Like so many girls at Moreton, Alice’s talent has been nurtured by very competent and committed teaching and I now sit in the audience without any fear of failure, but with absolute confidence of success.

How good does that feel ! And what a solid platform my daughter has for the rest of her life.

I know I share that feeling of  parental pride with many, Alice has many talented friends at Moreton, all were wonderful at the Soirée and I have no doubt the outside world will be a better place for having them.

My sincerest thanks to all in the Moreton Music department, your professionalism and commitment are outstanding."