Moreton’s English Speaking Union Team Second in the Region

Moreton’s English Speaking Union Team Second in the Region

Moreton’s team of Kitty, Georgina and Eliza performed exceptionally well at the ESU Regional Finals held during the Easter Break taking a well-deserved second place.

The team write:

After a one and a half hour journey we finally arrived at 'The Grange' school for the ESU regional finals.

The venue was much bigger than any we had ever competed in before; it was a large theatre which had the seating capacity of about 500 people. Although this heightened our nerves, this also made us excited for the day ahead.

In the format of ESU, the speakers switch teams so that the chairman and questioner are introducing and questioning a talk which they have never heard before. We were taken into a small room to meet our new team mates, there were six teams competing altogether.

Georgina (our speaker) moved to join another team and the speaker from Manchester Grammar came to join Eliza and Kitty. From then, we had half an hour to get to know our new team member and find out about their speech before entering the main auditorium again.

Although the competition started with some disturbances from a lively audience and a few unexpected comments, things were soon running smoothly as we waited for our turn.

When our time came to perform we all managed to hold down our nerves and get up and down the steps without tripping up in our heels! We then had a short break in which we were able to talk to other candidates and for the judges to deliberate. After some delicious cake and a lot of laughs, we returned back in for the results.

We were awarded second place out of the six teams, just falling short of Manchester Grammar (whose quality of performance was exceptional and deservedly won the competition). Yes, it was the end of our journey, we had great fun and all gained many skills to equip us for later life.