Moreton’s Music Department Wins National Award

Moreton’s Music Department Wins National Award

We are delighted to announce that the Moreton Hall Music Department has achieved the ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians) Bronze Certificate in Music 2017. 

It has been awarded for the excellent results in GCSE Music last year where more than 10% of all GCSE students at Key Stage 4 took and achieved an A*-C in music, placing Moreton within the top schools across England. 

The award demonstrates and recognises the excellent work of staff and students alike, and is an outstanding achievement for the school.

Helen Rayner, Director of Music at Moreton Hall, commented: “In a time of uncertainty for the arts, this award highlights the value and importance of music within education. We are delighted to be acknowledged for our excellence in music.”

The ISM is a subject association for music educators and looks after more than 7,500 members who work as classroom teachers, instrumental teachers, performers and composers.

Excellence in music has been a theme of recent times, as thirteen talented Moreton musicians achieved outstanding results in their ABRSM and LCM music examinations. They are as follows:

Dara (L6) achieved Distinction in Grade 5 Saxophone and Grade 4 Piano
Anna (U5) achieved Merit in Grade 5 Theory
Romy (U4) achieved Distinction in Grade 6 Singing
Harriet (U5) achieved Merit in Grade 6 Singing
Cathy (Y5) achieved Merit in Grade 4 Piano
Cici (L5) achieved Distinction in Grade 5 Theory

The following girls achieved Distinction in their Musical Theatre examinations: Cara (L6), Olivia (L6), Kitty (L6), Hannah (U6), Beth (U6), Ruth (U6) and Georgie (L6). 

Special congratulations must go to Cici (L5) and Georgie (L6) who achieved extraordinary distinctions. Cici (L5) achieved 97% and Georgie (L6) achieved 98%, overall.