Music to our Ears

Music to our Ears

Students from Moreton have gained a stellar set of results in their recent Associated Board Examinations: 7 distinctions, 4 merits and 2 passes. Six out of the seven distinctions were Grade 6 and above, giving girls valuable UCAS points to support their University entries. Those achieving distinction in Grade 8 will receive a maximum of 30 UCAS points to support their applications to UK Universities and colleges. These results are outstanding and a testament to the serious-mindedness of Moreton's musicians. 

In addition, the school has received another set of results from the Trinity board:

Lower Sixth pupil Megan received a Grade 8 Distinction in Theory; whilst Cici obtained a Grade 6 Merit in Theory.

Director of Music, Mrs Helen Rayner, enthused: 

“This makes a Grade 8 Distinction 'hat-trick' for Megan (in singing, flute & theory). With these results she has already gained 70 extra UCAS points which is equivalent to more than an A* at A Level. In an age where future employers are looking for skills, it is vital to recognise the importance of the transferable skills music-making can give students.”  

Music teacher, Mrs Catrina Lapage, added:

“The higher grades are not attempted very often in schools and so this makes Megan’s result even more satisfying and noteworthy - no pun intended.

“Questions included Melody writing of 16 bars (under examination conditions) based on a variety of Scales and Modes, rewriting of an extract from a Romantic Orchestral work as a Score, harmonising in the style of J. S. Bach and in-depth analysis of a piece. 

“Cici also did extremely well in her Grade 6 Theory examination, obtaining a Merit Grade. Again she too achieved UCAS points for this success.

“Moreton is keen to offer teaching for the higher Theory grades and includes it as part of its More Able Stretch and Challenge provision for suitable candidates.”

The Associated Board Results:

Hedy singing Grade 3 Distinction

Astrid singing Grade 8 Distinction

Janice piano Grade 6 Distinction

Cici piano Grade 7 Distinction

Tatyana piano Grade 8 Distinction

Megan flute Grade 8 Distinction

Harriet singing Grade 8 Distinction


Romy singing Grade 8 Merit

Holly singing Grade 4 Merit

MacKenzie Grade 4 Merit

Rosemary Grade 2 Pass


Moreton First pupils:

Saranya piano Grade 1 Pass

Hedy piano Grade 5 Merit

Gethin drums Grade 3 Distinction


Trinity Board Results:

Megan theory Grade 8 Distinction

Cici theory Grade 6 Merit