National Schools Lacrosse Summary 2017

National Schools Lacrosse Summary 2017

Skilled Moreton Lacrosse players of all ages competed in the prestigious, annual National Schools Lacrosse Tournament from Friday 3rd March to Tuesday 7th March. The 2017 Rathbones National Schools Lacrosse Championships once again produced another fantastic display of lacrosse at Surrey Sports Park with over 3500 girls competing over four days of competition in the flagship schools event in the English lacrosse calendar. Both the 1st Team and U14 teams finished in the top 16 schools in the UK; an excellent result!

The U19 A and U19 B were first up, with back-to-back matches over the weekend. Off to a flying start on the Friday, the 1st team won five out of six games. This excellent result ensured they secured a place in the championship games over the weekend. This winning streak continued well into Saturday, where they achieved a solid win of 2-1 against Queen Anne’s and Caterham. The U19 B’s team similarly won half of their games, which is a wonderful achievement in such a challenging tournament. 

After narrowly losing to St Mary’s Calne in the knockouts, the 1st Team placed well within the top 16 schools in the UK.  Head of Sport, Kate Groves, commented: "The girls and staff have been great and deserve a lot of praise. It's a very tough tournament and for the 1st Team to win 9 of the 11 matches, requires a lot of determination and hard work.”

The U15, U14 and U13 teams played in a similar vein to their older counterparts, as they attacked each game and demonstrated their excellent sporting skill and tactics they have honed in training. Back-to-back wins for the U14 team saw them winning their section. In the knock-out rounds Moreton were matched against St Pauls and an incredibly exciting and fast-paced game ensued. Despite narrowly losing 2-1, the U14s should be very proud of finishing in the top 16, as this is a huge achievement. 

Head of Sport, Kate Groves, commented this on excellent success: “It calls an end to a very successful National Schools Tournament for Moreton; Well done to all our teams for playing so well over the last 5 days!”