National Schools Lacrosse Tournament - Live Updates

National Schools Lacrosse Tournament - Live Updates

National Schools Lacrosse Tournament 2014

Updates will be posted as we receive them. Newest results are at the top of the page. 

Monday 03/03 - 3.05pm

Last two games:

V Queen Anne Lost 4-1
V Habs, Aske Drew 2-2

Kate Groves, Head of Sport, writes: "The team have played well and learnt a great deal. What has become apparent is that our lacrosse is on a par with these big schools. 

We have had so many people comment on our performance over the weekend which has been great."

Monday 03/03 - 2.45pm

Photos from the sideline. 

Monday 03/03 - 2pm

U14 Results so far:

The weather today is not quite as good as Saturday and so the Moreton Hall tent is being used a great deal. 

v St Catherines Lost 3-1
v Queen Margarets Won 2-1
v St Georges, Harpenden Won 3-2.

Two more matches to go!


Saturday 01/03 - 5.30pm

Results: The first team were placed top 4 out of 53 schools nationally and the second team top 8 out of 28 schools nationally.

1st Team 

V Caterham Lost 3-2
V LEH Lost 2-1
V Stowe Won 6-1

4th round knock out

V Putney Won 4-1

Quarter finals

V Downe House Won 4-1

Semi finals

V LEH 2-2 final whistle went to golden goal Lost 3-2. 

Placed top 4 out of 53 schools nationally.  


2nd Team

V Wycombe Abbey Lost 3-1
V Berkhamsted Won 3-2
V Godolphin Won 2-1

4th Round knock out

V Downe House Won 2-1 

Quarter Finals

V Guildford High Lost 2-1

Placed top 8 out of 28 schools Nationally!  

Friday 28/02 - 4.30pm

1st Team

Last game v Wycombe Abbey Lost 2-1. Was an amazing game and so close!


2nd Team

V Queen Anne Won 4-1

V St Albans Won 3-0

Both teams have made the CHAMPIONSHIP GROUPS! We are very proud of the teams. They have all played brilliantly. We had a lot of parent support and Mr & Mrs Forster!

Tomorrow is going to be tough with the new format but I know all girls will give it a good go!


Friday 28/02 - 2.30pm

1st Team

V St James Won 13-0

V St Georges, Harpenden Won 5-2


2nd Team

V St Marys Calne Won 2-0

V St Catherines, Bramley s Lost 3-1



Friday 28/02 - 1pm

1st Team

V Walthamstow Hall Won 6-5

V Charterhouse Won 11-0

V St Georges Ascot Won 5-0

3 more games to go.


2nd Team

V Cheltenham Ladies College Won 2-0

V Bedford Won 6-0

V North London Collegiate Won 6-1

V Benenden Lost 1-0