Our Summer in Salamanca

Our Summer in Salamanca

Over the summer holidays, Verity Snow and Karina Brown (U5) took a trip to Salamanca on
an exchange. Salamanca is a city in the North West of Spain, approximately a three hour
drive from Madrid.

Their exchange partner was called Nan. She lived in the small village of Aldealengua, just
outside Salamanca, with her parents and two younger foster boys. She also has two older
sisters who worked in Moreton’s Summer School.

Verity and Karina write: We had a fabulous time in sunny Spain visiting Zamora, Avila and
Salamanca, cities about 50 miles away from Salamanca. In Zamora, we visited a few of the
25 cathedrals, the castle and we had pinchas (like tapas) for supper.
Avila is an old Roman city with the best preserved Roman walls in the world. We also visited
a military museum which was very interesting.

During the other days we went on smaller trips, either shopping to Salamanca or to a local
open air swimming pool.

The trip allowed us to practice our Spanish; we learnt lots of new words and phrases and are
sure that our speaking skills have improved. It was a great opportunity to speak to native
Spanish speakers within their own culture and environment which has enabled us to come on
in leaps and bounds, ready for the forthcoming examinations!