Prague Tour Blog

Prague Tour Blog

This is the blog for the Prague tour. The most recent updates are at the top of the page, scroll down for earlier posts.


Tuesday 18th October 10pm

After a hearty breakfast, day two started with a delightful rehearsal. Just to ensure we'd truly warmed up, the girls performed one of their numbers (to rapturous applause, of course) in the foyer of the hotel before leaving to go into the Old Town. A quick stop to watch the Astronomical Clock chime 11 preceded a perusal of the cobbled streets and market.
Whilst waiting to get into St.Nicholas' church, the girls sang acapella on the steps outside. This clearly cemented the numbers in the audience as there wasn't a single seat left empty.

We were treated to a beautiful programme of choral music interspersed with high quality instrumental and vocal solos from some of our Sixth-Formers.

The concert was given a standing ovation and closed with a favourite encore, 'Heavenly Aeroplane'.

Buoyed by the success of the first concert, we merrily made way into a stunning, Baroque church to listen to a programme of classical favourites in the evening.

The day was topped off by a visit to the Metronome, a viewpoint from which to see the lights of Prague sparkle in the dark, as well as participate in the local young- people's custom of shoe-throwing!

Wednesday's plans include a visit round the Jewish Quarter and another concert, followed by a supper cruise on the River Vltava.

More news tomorrow, but until then, it's good night from Prague.


Monday 17th October 9pm

With great excitement, 32 girls with the voices of angels boarded the plane to Prague. Less than two hours later, thanks to a very competent pilot and delightful flying conditions, it was 'Vitejte v Praze!' (Welcome to Prague!)

So far, it has been a delightful trip with everyone enjoying the Czech hospitality. The evening's bowling was deemed a great success with strikes being struck left, right and centre!

Tomorrow's plans include a concert in St.Nicholas' church in the Old Town, a wander around the Old Town Square and a trip to a concert to witness some wonderful Czech musicianship.

We can't wait to let you know about our adventures tomorrow! Until then, it's 'Dobrou noc!' from Prague.