Prep School Lacrosse Tournament

Prep School Lacrosse Tournament

Six prep schools plus Moreton First travelled to Moreton Hall to take part in the inaugural Under 11 Prep School Lacrosse Tournament this weekend. 

The event was also attended by England Lacrosse Captain, Ashleigh Gloster and England player Sophie Whitehead, who took a lacrosse workshop session with a number of enthusiastic newcomers to the sport. 

Head of Moreton First Sport, Alison McDonald, said: "This is a great opportunity to inspire the younger girls to compete in a Lacrosse tournament. It has engaged their enthusiasm for playing the game with the added bonus of the England captain Ashleigh Gloster enhancing their experience".

The Lacrosse workshop which ran alongside the tournament was an excellent opportunity for children who are not yet ready to compete at tournament level, to receive expert coaching from highly skilled England Lacrosse players. Overall, 30 girls took part in the workshop. It was fantastic to see so many girls on the pitches, from both the workshop and those playing in the matches. 

Alongside the host team Moreton First, six external teams took part in the Prep School Tournament; Haberdashers’ Monmouth, Malvern St James, Packwood, Prestfelde, Lucton and Birchfield School. Prestfelde were crowned winners of the tournament, and Moreton First claimed runners-up. 

Moreton First - Runners Up

Prestfelde - Winners