Prep School Lacrosse Tournament 2019

Prep School Lacrosse Tournament 2019


The sun was shining on what was a fantastic day of Junior Lacrosse at Moreton Hall. It was brilliant to see over 150 girls out playing Lacrosse in both a fun and competitive tournament and I hope all the players learnt a lot from the day whilst also really enjoying themselves.

Our Under 11 team consisted of Year 5 and 6 girls from Moreton First, and came third overall. A great achievement for the girls as many had only been playing Lacrosse for two weeks!

The U12s performed superbly in their first Lacrosse fixture of the season and will have learnt a great deal from the experience. The girls had tough opposition but came runners up in the tournament.

The U13s had a phenomenal day on the pitches, winning all their matches convincingly. Their hard work and focus were rewarded by being crowned the U13 Prep Schools Lacrosse Champions, a title they definitely deserved! Cecily, who has only been playing in goal for the last two weeks was exceptional and fully deserved to be the tournament MVP. 

The tournament was a fantastic way to start the season for our junior teams and shows that there is talent through every age group. I am really excited to see what this season will bring for our younger teams.

- Head of Lacrosse Coaching, Miss Harrington