Prep Schools' Tennis Tournament

Prep Schools' Tennis Tournament

Last weekend, Moreton Hall hosted its annual Prep Schools' Tennis Tournament. It was a glorious day with the sun shining and all twelve tennis courts were in action with some wonderful tennis being displayed.

This year there were eight schools taking part: Birchfield School, Old Hall, King's Chester, Abberley Hall, Ellesmere College, Prestfelde, Shrewsbury Girls High School and Moreton Hall.

The event ran in the first stages as a round-robin tournament then went to a knockout semi-finals and final stage. There were four categories; U13s Boys, U13 Girls, U11 Boys, U11 Girls.

The results were:

U13s Boys Winners-  Prestfelde A with Birchfield A as Runners Up

U13 Girls Winners - Ellesmere College with Moreton Hall A as Runners Up

U11 Girls Winners - Ellesmere College with Birchfield A as Runners Up

U11 Boys Winners - Old Hall with King’s Chester as Runners Up

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day of tennis; the standard of play was very high and there was an all-round great atmosphere.